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  • Equip your club with Octane’s xRide® seated elliptical, the category leader that will attract more business, add members and grow retention.


    • 343% more glute activity
    • Burn 23% more calories
    • Build muscular endurance
    • Experience strength benefits
    • Work the entire body

    Developed by the recognized leaders in elliptical cross trainers, the xRide® incorporates extraordinary expertise and innovation that instantly distinguishes your cardio floor. Only Octane Fitness makes sitting down this rewarding.


    Distinct from recumbent bikes, the longer ellipse motion challenges muscles differently with forward and backward directions and greater glute involvement.

    Exercisers combine cardio and strength training efficiently with vigorous intervals of 10-15 repetitions at high resistance levels.

    The Active Seat Position™ accommodates any size exerciser, comfortably opens the torso and maximizes the use of the hip muscles.

    Please every member with individual viewing screens for the ultimate workout experience.

  • Pro4700—Premium Performance

    This new best-in-class elliptical is packed with Octane’s breakthrough features that make it a fast favorite among health club members.

    With electronically adjustable stride length from 18”-26,” exercisers can quickly customize for walking, jogging and running paces, and for striding backwards. And Octane’s patented SmartStride interactive ergonomics monitor pace and direction and automatically adjust stride length accordingly.

    The upper-body features don’t get any better than the unmatched Converging Path handlebars that mimic natural movement and expand range of motion. Plus, the patented MultiGrip handlebars offer extra comfort, greater variety and more muscle use.

    New workouts, like the challenging 30:30 interval program designed by the experts at Athletes’ Performance, help maximize motivation and results. Convenience and comfort are optimized with fingertip controls on the moving handlebars, soft grip pedals and a personal fan.

    And clubs benefit big-time from self-powered, quiet operation; a compact footprint; an LCD screen mount option and incredible durability.

  • Pro3700—Exceptional club platform

    Representing the third generation of Octane commercial cross trainers, the Pro3700 elliptical is the first club model to feature Octane’s unprecedented Converging Path handlebars, which are ergonomically designed to deliver the most effective, comfortable workouts. Combined with the patented MultiGrip handlebars and convenient fingertip controls on the moving handlebars, this is undeniably upper-body at its best.

    The lower body on the Pro3700 can be adjusted to a stride length of either 20.5” or 24” to accommodate the majority of health club members. Soft grip pedals and even closer pedal spacing at 1.8” optimize comfort.

    New customizable interval programs add motivation and challenge for users – from beginners to elite athletes – and convenience for trainers. The 30:30 interval workout, designed by the experts at Athlete’s Performance, offers an aerobic and anaerobic challenge so exercisers can train like the pros do.

    All the latest from Octane Fitness – the Pro3700 gives clubs yet another supreme way to fuel their business.

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Octane Elliptical

Octane Elliptical

Octane Elliptical

Octane Elliptical

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