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Who We Are

Mike McGraw founded Performance Fitness Equipment in 2005.  “I have been in the fitness equipment industry selling, servicing, training, delivering, installing and designing fitness equipment for over 27 years. That’s not the combined experience of 3 or 4 people, that’s my experience and now I’m leveraging my experience to the benefit of my customers.”

When PFE customers talk about how we’ve helped them over the years the underlying theme communicated is Performance Fitness Equipment provides a valued, honest relationship.  We don’t pledge allegiance to a brand until we are blue in the face. As the industry changes at an ever-quickening rate, it takes someone with understanding and a depth of knowledge to truly deliver the best products to a given customer within their unique circumstances.

Our Process

PFE wanted to go out and find companies that had a story; a proven product that people would want and enjoy using. In doing so, I found that there are a lot of great products and companies of which most clients are unaware. We find that, while there are excellent companies making many great products, you will most likely get the very best products from a company which specializes. PFE connects customers with not only the great products, but also more efficient, streamlined customer service. The added benefit for facility directors or owners comes in not having all your eggs in one basket at a time when so many companies are experiencing tough times.

A True Relationship

Over recent years the words customer service, 24-hour turn-around, partnership, and preferred have been thrown around very loosely. PFE thinks it’s time words that carry more weight were used like “genuine”, “commitment” or phrases like “call me any time – evening or weekend” and “meet my service provider.” We provide the kind of honest relationship you can trust and if we don’t have what you need or the item you are looking for we’ll direct you to someone who does.

PFE looks forward to earning your business and to building a lasting relationship for years to come.

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